What Are Best Plants To Grow In Aerogarden + Top-6 Seed Pod Kits

The Best Plants To Grow In Aerogarden - Top-6 Seeds 2022 Aerogarden

What are the best plants to grow in aerogarden? Everyone enjoys fresh, organic food. But what happens if you don’t have time or space to plant it? Aerogarden is an indoor garden system, that is an innovative device that could alter all those. It is possible to grow delicious plants and delicious vegetables in the kitchen, without much effort!

In this article, I’ll cover the most beneficial things to cultivate in Aerogardens such as salads, herbs, and even small veggies. Aerogardens pre-seed kits help you grow your garden easily.

For a complete review of the different Aerogarden models, read this review.

What is an Aerogarden?

What Are Best Plants To Grow In Aerogarden + Top-6 Seed Pod Kits

AeroGarden AeroGarden is a hydroponic plant-growing system that is foolproof, free of soil, and the perfect solution for people who want an easy and low-maintenance outdoor garden. It has room to store aerogarden plants and water as well as a storage area for the own seeds and an illuminated area. The form of hydroponics used is known as aeroponics, the method of cultivating plants in a water-mist rich with nutrients environment, without the need for soil, or an aggregate media.

AeroGrow was established by Michael Bissonnette in July 2002 and is currently offering 33 models with different prices and benefits for consumers, which will suit all kinds of gardeners who prefer indoors. There are over 150 seeds Pod Kits that you can choose from, offering a wide range of choices for growers.

What Are the Best Things to Cultivate in AeroGarden Systems

Aeroponic systems, such as the AeroGarden work best with a variety of fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flower types. There are a variety of seed pods that are suitable for these plants you can cultivate in your garden.

But, there are some plants that are more difficult to cultivate. Root vegetables like onions, potatoes, turnips, and carrots aren’t appropriate for AeroGardens. This is due to the fact that the system doesn’t have enough space to accommodate the elaborate root systems. Squash, melons, and corn are challenging choices for an aeroponic system due to their height or their tendency to grow.



Herbs are excellent for AeroGarden systems due to their being small enough to be managed and many develop quickly. This makes them ideal for beginners or anyone who is looking to see their harvests increase quicker.

The most beneficial herbs to plant in an Aerogarden are Thai basil parsley, thyme, as well as curly Italian parsley. They are quick to grow and have a slim profile and can yield several harvests from a single plant. Aerogarden offers herb seed kits that can help you get started fast and effortlessly using fresh herbs.



The leaves of basil are one of the more sought-after and extensively utilized herbs. They are often added to various recipes or drinks to impart their distinct taste.

Have you ever had spaghetti or pasta at an authentic Italian restaurant? If yes, then you’ve experienced the taste of basil. You can buy the plant pod for basil and then place the pods into the garden of your Aerogarden.

After the pods begin to grow and you see leaves of basil and leaves, you can cut the tops off to use them.



Certain Aerogarden models permit you to cultivate strawberries. The fruit requires an environment that is dry for growth and development. However, it’ll require longer, as strawberry seed pod kits aren’t sold on the market.

But don’t worry. You can make seed pod kits. You can follow the same method that I described above and then purchase strawberry crowns.

Because the roots are longer, you’ll need cut them down a bit before placing them in your grow sponge. Strawberries require more attention as compared to plants. Therefore, make sure you keep an eye on them every day.

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Salad Greens

AeroGarden provides a wide range of salad greens you can be grown in an Aerogarden like the varieties that are heirlooms, such as lettuces and even a green smoothie pod. They are among the most durable plants you can cultivate all year. The yields you get can last for up to 4 months. Harvesting will begin in 3 weeks using one of Aerogarden’s models.



If you’re planning to plant something larger, the bigger aeroponic units can accommodate the growth of sweet bell peppers and tomatoes. You can purchase seed pod kits with the same type of plant or you can purchase a variety kit like that of the salsa pod kits that include a range of vegetables that are able to grow when planted together.

Certain tomato plants do not produce flowers, however, altering the climate can trigger them to begin expanding. The first signs of the yellow flowers on your plants within 5-7 weeks. Then shortly after you will notice that some of the flowers change into tiny green tomatoes, harvest cherry tomatoes, and others. But if you don’t get flowers, you will never get fruit. Therefore, make sure you investigate the issue if you don’t get them in the 5-7 week timeframe.

Can I Plant The Seeds I Have Grown In My AeroGarden?

If you have your own heirloom seeds or prefer to plant varieties that aren’t included within the seeds Pod collection There’s a Grow Any Seed Pod Kit that lets you grow whatever you wish inside your AeroGarden.

Be aware that the AeroGarden isn’t compatible with the previously mentioned plants including squashes, tubers, and melons. Be sure to keep the dimensions that your plants are in order to ensure that your system can be able to support its size. If you want to plant larger amounts of plants, such as fruits, vegetables, and flowers, you might want to purchase a bigger AeroGarden like Bounty Basic.

Top 6 Seed Pod Kits:

Red & Golden Harvest Cherry Tomato Seeds Pod Kit

Red & Golden Harvest Cherry Tomato Seeds Pod Kit

It is an Aerogarden Seed Pod Kit that comes with Red and Cherry Tomato Pods Spacers, and Red Tomato Grow Pods

If you’re looking for more variety and color when it comes to their tomato harvest this is a fantastic option.

The tomato is slightly more accommodating space-wise in an Aerogarden as opposed to other varieties of peppers or tomatoes. You can anticipate your plants to reach the size of 12″ to 14″. It is important that you only have between 2-4 plants within your system to ensure they have enough space to spread.

The seeds yield healthy and strong yields that last for a lengthy period of. Be sure to trim the plants to ensure that they don’t become heavy as they produce fruit. The plants can germinate within 7 to 10 days, bloom in 75 days, and produce tomatoes within 75 days, and last for a minimum of the 105th day. A number of people have said that this plant can produce healthy yields for up 200 days.

Heirloom Salad Greens Seed Pod Kit

Heirloom Salad Greens Seed Pod Kit

The Aerogarden pod kit contains Black Seeded Simpson, Deer Tongue, Firecracker, Marvel of 4 Seasons, and Rouge d’Hiver Parris Island.

Salad Greens are among some of the most simple plants to cultivate within an AeroGarden. They sprout faster than other plants and will germinate in about 8 to 10 days after putting them inside the container. Their lifespan is approximately 4 months, which gives the user approximately 1.5 years’ worth of harvest before they need replacing them. It requires 16.5 hours of sunlight each day to develop optimally. When pruning and harvesting the seed pods, you may either cut the leaves from the top or harvest the leaves that are on the outside.

Lettuce is a “cool-season” cultivar, which means that it is likely to turn to seeds (go to seeds) when temperatures exceed 75 degrees for a prolonged amount of time. It will become very thin and long, and stop it from producing as many leaves as it should. It can also result in a portion of unpleasant-tasting plant food. It is recommended to put your plant in the cooler region of your home, and think about the installation of a fan within the garden area.

Salsa Garden Seed Pod Kit

Salsa Garden Seed Pod Kit

The Aerogarden seed pot kit contains: Red Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, Jalapeno Peppers

This kit is an enjoyable indoor gardening project for intermediate gardeners. There are a few special requirements to keep in mind when you grow these kinds of vegetables. For one, the majority of people do not make use of all the pods in their AeroGarden for planting their Jalapenos and tomatoes. This is due to the fact that they develop so dense and large that they’ll be difficult to cut. It is possible to plant three or four seed pods in the AeroGarden and then make use of the spacers in order in order to “close” the remainder in the hole. Some kits that contain larger plants come with spacers that you can utilize.

It can be difficult to cultivate smaller plants like herbaceous plants, with these plants. This is because it would be difficult for smaller plants to get enough light from Salsa Kit. Salsa Kit and they won’t be able to flourish.

Although these kits can work within any AeroGarden system, they’ll perform best in larger systems like AeroGarden Harvest or Bounty Basic. AeroGarden Harvest or Bounty Basic model. The seeds can take 7 to 10 days to sprout, and then 75 days to produce. The lifespan of the seeds can be nine months, and it requires 16 hours of sunlight each day.

Red Heirloom Cherry Tomato Seed Pod Kit

Red Heirloom Cherry Tomato Seed Pod Kit

The Aerogarden pod kit contains: Red Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes Spacers

As we mentioned in the Salsa Kit, tomatoes are an enjoyable plant for those willing to put more effort into trimming and maintaining the plants. The larger aeroponic equipment will do the best job of helping the plants, as well as some systems, including an effective trellis.

Be sure to only plant three plants within a 6- – or seven pod AeroGarden. Plant spacers can be used as plugs to fill the slots of your device. Seeds take between 7 to 10 days to germinate, then 75 days before they will bear fruit. Their lifespan is nine months, and it requires 16 hours of sunlight each day.

Mixed Romaine Lettuce Seed Pod Kit

Mixed Romaine Lettuce Seed Pod Kit

This Aerogarden kit for seeds includes The following varieties: Green, Red, And Green Romaine Lettuce Varieties

In the previous article, we suggested a more exotic blend of salads This one is for those who enjoy the traditional salad leaves. Lettuce is more germinating than other plants around 8 to 10 days after putting them in the pot. The lifespan of the plant is approximately 4 months, which gives the user approximately 1.5 seasons’ worth of crops before they need replacing. It requires 16.5 hours of sunlight per day to thrive. When you harvest and prune you can remove leaves from the top or remove the leaves from the outside.

Lettuce is a cold season crop, which means it can go to seed (go into seeds) in temperatures that are higher than 75°C for a long amount of time. This can cause it to grow long and stop the production of as many leaves as it would like to. It can also result in an unpleasant tasting plant. It is recommended to plant plants in a cooler area. plants within a cool part of your home, and think about the installation of a fan within your garden. If not it’s an easy solution for the novice or for those who want an easy-to-maintain experience.

Asian Herbs Seed Pod Kit

Asian Herbs Seed Pod Kit

The Aerogarden seeds pods kit comes with: Mitsuba, Shungiku, Italian Basil, Holy Basil, Mint, Chives, Cilantro

These kits are ideal for anyone who wants to grow lesser-known herbs while keeping an easy and simple indoor gardening system. In every one of the AeroGarden kit for herbs, the kits can be integrated into your system by clicking”Herb” from the “Herb” option.

They will probably develop in a few weeks, making them one of the fastest growing plants within the pods of seeds. It is important to cut your plants regularly to stimulate the growth of your plants and to keep the harvests from the Aerogarden running as long as feasible.

Mountain Meadows Flower Seed Pod Kit

The Aerogarden Seed pod Kit comes with Dark Pink Dianthus, Yellow Coreopsis, Yellow Striped Gazania, Phlox

Many people see AeroGarden as a great choice for gardening. AeroGarden system is the best option for growing herbs and food However, it’s also an excellent choice for flowering. There are a variety of kits for seed pods that include a range of flowers, but this one is ideal for those who want various forms, colors, and dimensions of flowers. If they are regularly pruned and trimmed, you’ll enjoy beautiful, fresh-cut flowers at home on a regular basis.

The flowers begin to bloom in 7-12 days following the planting within the Aerogarden. It will take around 42 days for them to flower. Their lifespan in the AeroGarden is around 4 months. They have to be able to use 15.5 hours of light each day.

Pruning is crucial for flowering plants to ensure they do not fall under the weight of their own bodies as they grow. Also, you must be attentive to monitor your body’s water and food levels frequently, since they’ll require more of these during their growth stages.

How Long Do Plants Grow in an Aerogarden?

This is contingent on a number of variables. It all depends on what you’re planting. Typically vegetable seed pods are longest than plants, salad greens herbs, and fruits.

Typically the seed pods can last about 6 to 8 months. But their longevity is dependent on how well you treat them.

Some say that their pods last for more than a year!

For instance, if you’re putting in tomatoes and taking great treatment of them, then you could expect them to develop in between 8 and 10 weeks. This is most likely the longest period of time that you’ll need for a plant to develop within an Aerogarden.

The first signs of lettuce greens within three weeks of the date of planting. Herbs will take longer to collect.

When Can I Begin Harvesting?

Every plant has an individual harvest time but certain plants are able to be cut and harvested in as little as three weeks. Here are sample times for different plants:

Herbs4 weeks until harvest
Green Beans5 weeks to harvest
The Cherry Tomato12 weeks to harvest
Vegetable Kits4 Months of harvesting continuously
Salad Greens3 months of harvesting continuously
Herb Kits3 months of continuous harvests
Flower Kitsblooms over 4 years

Best Plants to Grow in Aerogarden Conclusion

You now know how easy it is to cultivate your favorite fruits, vegetables as well as herbs within your Aerogarden.

I hope that you find this article useful and it has inspired you to plant some seeds for your Aerogarden.

You are welcome to browse our other posts on Aerogardens and other similar subjects.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and best of luck with your Aerogardening!


Can you grow regular plants in AeroGarden?

Yes, you can! To help you achieve this, we have the Grow Anything Kit, which includes everything you require to grow and plant, EXCEPT seedlings: baskets for growing growing sponges, grow labels domes and liquid plant food along with an Grow Anything Kit Guide, that offers general guidelines to plant.

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