Hi all. My name is Amelia J. Starkey and I am 29 years old. I am married, I have a daughter who is 5 years old, and a beloved husband.

I work as an elementary school teacher. I spend time with plants when I am free from work and family. I love everything that has to do with blooming beauties. I have my own small garden, where my daughter is already starting to help me.

As a family, we regularly attend fairs dedicated to the garden and plants. So the idea to create a blog https://hydroponicsherbgarden.com was born.

Here I will share my knowledge, secrets, and tricks with beginners and experienced gardeners. I’m sure you’ll find articles on professional gardening. 

After all, I will regularly update and improve the content. I will also tell you about plant diseases and pests, care, and protection methods that will help save your green beauties. Up-to-date landscaping tips will help you create natural beauty on the site. I also suggest looking at good reviews for the garden to always have the right things at home. In general, as you understand, it will be interesting and exciting. I hope that on my blog page you will find everything you need.

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Hydroponics Herb Garden