7 Highest BTU Portable Propane Fire Pit 2022

7 Best Highest BTU Portable Propane Fire Pit Reviews 2022 Reviews

What is the best and highest btu portable propane fire pit?

There are a variety of reasons that portable fire pits work better than fixed or permanent outdoor fires, the most important reason being that they’re great for those who are constantly moving around!

The fire pits made of propane that we’ll be discussing here are extremely popular with campers. They’re also ideal to put in your RV or pull out for a few occasions at home. Portable also means storable – an important feature of all those propane camping fires!

Top-7 Highest BTU Portable Propane Fire Pit Reviews 2022

1. Highest BTU Rating: Camco 65,000 BTU Deluxe Outdoor Fire Pit

Camco 65,000 BTU Deluxe Outdoor Fire Pit

For those who often camp in cold temperatures The Camco 51210 Portable Deluxe Outdoor Fire Pit is the most powerful BTU rating for the heat output of any model, we’ve reviewed. It’s built to deliver a production of 65,000 BTUs every hour.

The pit itself measures 18 inches wide and 12.2 inches high. It’s actually the hefty 49 pounds however, its biggest disadvantage is that it won’t be in a position to fold or collapse the legs to ensure it occupies less space when you’re placing it in the equipment.

There’s also an advantage to having a larger fire pit, too. The additional weight makes it harder to knock it over or tip it when something falls through it.

The larger diameter leads to the heat dispersing over an area that is larger which means that more people are able to gather around the fire to take in the warmth.

The Piezo igniter of this unit provides the user with a simple button for activating the flame after your propane tank has been connected.

It also includes a 10-foot propane hose, which lets you set your tank far enough away from the flame.

Because it’s one whole copper pipe, you’ll have to connect the propane line to a propane tank that weighs 20 pounds in order to begin using the pit.

When you’re done using it and are done, it is equipped with a storage cover to guard it against harm when you place it in your vehicle and take it on the road to your next destination.

  • BTU rating 65.000 BTUs per hour this pit provides the highest amount of heat of any pit we have on our list.
  • The storage cover protects both the propane and igniter while the pit is being stored.
  • Push-Button Instructor: Makes it simple to light the flame after the tank is connected.
  • Hose length 10-foot propane hose allows you to put your tank of propane at a secure distance from.
  • Weight: At 49 pounds, it’s one of the biggest pits on our list.
  • Size: You’ll need a sizeable area under your RV to house this pit.

2. Camco 58031 Portable Little Red Campfire

Camco 58031 Portable Little Red Campfire

For campers who travel on smaller vehicles, such as camper vans and slide-in campers the Camco small pink Portable Propane Campfire offers the most compact design we’ve been able to come across.

The portable gas fire pit is only 11.25 inches at its highest and the largest burner ring actually measures 9.5 inches wide.

It is also the lightest option on our list, weighing less than 15.6 pounds.

Once you’ve finished using it and are ready to take your RV off the road, it’s with a solid lid that can slide across the whole pit, and is secured with latches that are located at the base.

In contrast to other portable propane fire pits we have listed it has real logs which give it a natural-looking appearance.

In spite of its dimensions, the unit is capable of generating the maximum amount of heat at approximately six thousand BTUs in an hour.

It is also equipped with an eight-foot propane hose, which is specifically designed to fit the standard twenty-pound propane tanks.

After your pit has cooled down after you have used it the pipe (plus the propane regulator included) can be placed under the lid and the fire ring to ensure that the whole contents are kept in a compact box.

  • Small dimensions less than 11.25 inches across at the bottom it’s the smallest pit on our list.
  • heat output: It’s designed to produce up to 65,000 BTUs per hour.
  • Solid Lid: The lid secures the pit in all directions and locks it in place to shield the internal elements during transport.
  • Weigh: At just 15.6 pounds You’ll have no trouble transporting the pit.
  • No igniter: You’ll require sticks or lighters in order to start the fire in this pit.

3. Camp Chef Smokeless Propane Fueled Fire Ring

Camp Chef Smokeless Propane Fueled Fire Ring

If you’re sure you’ll only use your fire pit a couple of times per year and do not want to blow the bank for a high-priced model, you should check out this CampChef Compact Fire Ring.

It’s the most affordable pit we’ve seen and features dimensions of 15.25 inches across as well as 13 inches tall.

It’s also only 23 pounds, so it’s not difficult to move about.

The legs at the lower part of the pit are extended so that it can reach the full height, and later fold down for making the pit smaller when you have to put it away. When the legs are collapsed, the whole pit is just six inches in thickness.

The pit comes with a fully adjustable heat control lever that’s designed to provide a maximum heat output of 55,000 BTUs per hour.

The package also includes a 12-pound box of lava rocks which help to evenly disperse the heat from the flame, and also create a flickering effect that creates the illusion of an actual campfire.

For propane, you’ll require an ordinary 20-pound propane tank for powering this pit. However, it comes with a regulator for propane and a five-foot hose.

When it comes to accessories the pit comes with a storage bag as well as two extendable roasting sticks to use for making bratwurst, bratwurst roast, or whatever else you’d like to cook.

  • Pricing: This is the most economical fire pit that we could find on our list.
  • Folding Legs: These legs reduce the depth of the pit down to 6 inches once you want to put it away.
  • Weight: This unit weighs only 23 pounds.
  • Modularity: The heating control lever allows you to alter the flame’s height in accordance with your preferences.
  • The length of the propane hose: The shorter hose included in this pit won’t permit you to position your propane tank too far away from the flame.
  • Regulator Faulty: Some users have reported that the regulator included with this pit lets excessive fuel being pumped through the line, which can lead to leaks through the line.

4. Outland 863 Propane Fire Pit

Outland 863 Propane Fire Pit

Another 19″fire pit, called the Outland 863, is great because it comes with a carry case as well as 4.4 tons of rock lava.

Ten feet of hose are an excellent element that this pit has.

It doesn’t require any tools to set up the fire pit, which makes it ideal for late-night camp setups. With the lava rocks arranged in the fire rings, it’s similar to having dancing flames of an open fire made of wood however, it’s much more secure.

Its Outland 863 is so easy to use that some people may even use it each morning to enjoy their morning coffee. That sounds amazing to me.

5. Heininger Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

Heininger Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

If you regularly have larger gatherings and need more room around the campfire area for everyone to relax, take a look at the huge size that is available in the Heininger 5995 38 Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit.

The all-weather fire pit measures 19.25 inches wide at the bottom as well as the top. It’s 11.5 inches in height and weighs just 22 pounds.

So, despite its bigger size, you shouldn’t face difficulty moving this pit from under your RV to a secure area outside.

It is also the most elegant pit we have reviewed with its flame-shaped cut-outs on the outer rings.

In terms of its functionality, it is compatible with your regular 20-pound propane cylinder. It includes a ten-foot pipe that lets you put the pit and the fuel tank away from each other.

This pit comes with a bag of lava rocks you can put in the pit prior to you start to light it up.

This creates a more pleasant atmosphere for everyone who is around the fire and aids in dispersing the heat more effectively.

With its highest heat output, the CSA-approved pit can produce as much as 58,000 BTUs per hour.

Additionally, it comes with an automatic ignition system and an adjustable heat control lever that lets you adjust the flame’s height in accordance with your preferences.

  • Large Diameter: The 19.25-inch size disperses the heat to a greater area, and allows many more people to enjoy the flame.
  • CSA-Approved: It has been evaluated by a third party to ensure its secure use in the event of most camp fire bans.
  • The pit is lightweight: At just 22 pounds this pit is super simple for you to transport around.
  • Hose Length: With the hose’s length of ten feet it’s not necessary to be concerned about your pit or tank getting too close.
  • Cost: This is easily one of the priciest portable propane fire pits we have listed.

6. Flame King Outdoor The Best Portable Propane Fire Pit

Flame King Outdoor The Best Portable Propane Fire Pit

Its Flame King fire pit has 58,000 BTU/HR of power and is equipped with a self-igniter case, and straps for carrying which makes it one of the easiest portable propane fire pits available to utilize.

The design is crucial and has no unnecessary frills that make it appear more attractive, however, its ease of use and its size makes it a hard fireplace to defeat.

It’s one of the top climbing things on the market list it’s a fire pit to grab when you are able to.

7. Outland Firebowl 870

Outland Firebowl 870

If you’re searching for an outdoor fire pit that is an affordable price then look no further than Outland Firebowl 870.

The propane campfire pit doesn’t cost you much It has an enormous diameter and a high BTU rating to offer ample warmth and comfort without the mess that comes with the traditional campfire. It’s certified by CS to ensure safety in the event of a ban on campfires.

The pit measures 19 inches across and has a heating output of 58,000 BTUs per hour.

It has an ignition switch that is automatic and does away with the requirement for matches or an ignition stick.

It also includes a 10-foot pipe that lets you place your propane tank an uninvolved distance from the fire.

In relation to the propane tank. This pit was made to use the same 20-pound propane tank that probably has in your house barbecue grill.

It also includes 4.4 tons of natural volcanic rocks that can be set near the bottom of the pit to give it an appearance that is more natural.

If you buy Outland Firebowl Outland Firebowl, you’ll also receive an additional cover and carry kit that makes it simple to move and store in your campervan.

The cover protects the switch for ignition, which is more sensitive as well as propane lines in the inside of the pit.

This will ensure that the pit’s essential components don’t get damaged during transport.

The pit itself is 11 inches high and weighs only 24.5 pounds. This pit won’t be difficult to transport and be able to fit in the RV you are storing it.

You can also purchase either the Natural Gas Conversion Kit or Standard Carry Bag if you are looking to complete the fire pit set-up.

  • CSA-Approved: It has passed tests by a third party and has been certified for use in a safe manner even when restrictions on fire prohibit you from using the wood fire.
  • Broad Diameter: The large design of this pit distributes heat across the entire area, meaning that there are more people who can sit in it.
  • Hose Length: The 10-foot hose is a great way to put your propane tank at a secure distance from the pit.
  • Pricing: For its durability and performance, this pit is an outstanding value.
  • Noise Output: Some customers have reported the output makes a snarling hissing noise when set to the maximum output.

Why Should You Choose a Propane Portable Fire Pit?

7 Highest BTU Portable Propane Fire Pit 2022

There are several options for lighting a fire when it comes to camping. The most obvious choice is the traditional campfire made of wood that a lot of people enjoy. But why do some prefer a fire pit made of propane?

First, in light of the increasing number of prohibitions on campfires (also called “burn prohibitions”) as a result of the growing concern over forest burning, it is possible that you might have to look for an alternative.

It’s easy to imagine that if campfires are prohibited, then the other fire-producing apparatuses also be prohibited. But this isn’t always the scenario. The regulations for campfires are different for each area and rely on the severity of the fire restrictions.

While some restrict portable propane fire pits, apart from traditional charcoal and wood-based fires certain states permit the use of portable fire pits.

Portable fire pits are an ideal alternative to portable propane fire pits in the camp at times.

Why not buy natural gas and a wood-burning pit to fire up your backyard?

It’s possible to take it along to go camping.

Additionally, the propane fire pits overall are more practical in comparison to wooden ones. It is easy to turn on and off, requires less time spent preparing, is not dirty after use, and they won’t cause your clothes to smell as if they were from a bonfire.

However, wood fire pits are difficult maintenance and, as we’ve stated previously, are more susceptible to being shut down. They also need that you buy wood locally when you go camping as some campgrounds prohibit wood that comes from outside of the area to prevent the spread of disease on other plants.

Natural gas-fired fire pits are the best option if you are looking for convenience and lower costs But it’s not the best choice for stationary setups. The propane fire pits can be more effective and portable making them perfect for camping.

In a nutshell, these are the advantages and disadvantages of portable propane fire pits for camping.

  • Easy and quick start
  • Quick preparation time
  • Minimal mess after use
  • Little puffs of smoke
  • It is very convenient to camp
  • Doesn’t require gas lines
  • Costs can be high
  • There is less warmth
  • Propane needs to be filled again

The Benefits Of A Portable Camping Fire Pit

The Benefits Of A Portable Camping Fire Pit

Alongside the capability to fire up anyplace (regardless of whether or not there’s a circle to make use of) There are a variety of other advantages of gas fire pits that you must take note of.

It’s Super Easy

We believe that everyone should be able to light an old-fashioned campfire with little effort, it’s difficult to deny the ease and convenience offered by mobile fire pits.

They need very little effort to begin and you don’t need to worry about keeping the fire burning for a couple of minutes, as you do for a typical campfire.

It’s Clean

There’s no ash, there’s no soot There is no mess! Fire pits made of propane that are portable let you take pleasure in the warmth, ambience, and comfort of a fire without the chaos.

Additionally, it won’t cause sparks that could make the hole in that brand new down jacket you bought.

No Lingering Campfire Smell

Certain people are enthralled by the smell of a fire in a campfire following an excursion to the campfire. Others don’t.

If you fall into the latter group then you’ll appreciate portable fire pits since they won’t make your clothes smell of smoke for days before you’re able to clean them.

Flame Control

Portable fire pits give users the option to control the amount of flame based on the outside temperature.

It can be turned up during cold nights, and then turn it down to create a visual effect during warmer evenings.

The ability to regulate the flame can also enable you to cut down on the amount of propane used to power your pit.

And, in contrast to the traditional fire, which you’ll need to wait for some time to eliminate it, you can shut off these fire pits at the touch of an arrow or two.

Location Flexibility

Sometimes, you’ll arrive at the spot you’ve reserved for a while only to find that someone has moved the fire ring in the middle away.

However, that’s not a problem when you have a portable fire pit since you’ll be able to set it up wherever is most convenient to your outdoor camping area.

Multi-Purpose Use

They are also the ideal option to camp in your travel trailer or RV in the event of a fire ban These fire pits are also a fantastic option for your backyard space.

If you’re not traveling within your motorhome, you can set them up on your property for secure, warm, and welcoming outdoor gatherings on evenings.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Portable Propane Campfire Pit

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Portable Propane Campfire Pit

To select the best fire pit to meet your needs specifically you’ll require an outline that you can easily examine and compare different designs.

This guide was created to help you do exactly that but ultimately, you’ll need to decide on how much weight you give all of these variables.


The capacity that the pit that you select will become a factor each when you must move it around to place it in the right spot or to put it back into your structure.

Fortunately, the majority of pits on our list weigh less than 30lbs, and this would permit the pits to move without any hassle for a single person.

The tiniest pits we’ve seen weigh more than 15 pounds, whereas the largest pits are more than 50 pounds.

It’s quite a variety, so be sure you’re aware of the weight of the unit you’re thinking of purchasing prior to buying.


The dimensions of an outdoor fire pit are vital due to two reasons. They will determine how much space you’ll have to build under your fire pit for storage.

A second factor is the size of the pit will determine the number of people who can be seated comfortably.

Certain pits come with foldable legs or collapsible ones which enable them to be smaller in space when you wish to put them away.

Some can be dismantled to achieve a similar result. However, a lot of larger models will have to be put under the machine as is.

In terms of seats are concerned it’s evident that a pit with more diameter is going to offer more space for people to relax.

If you require an area for family camping choose pits with at least 18 inches of diameter.

However, if you’re just looking for something to travel on your own or for you and your companion will likely get plenty of warmth from pits that are less than 16 inches wide.

British Thermal Units (BTUs)

British Thermal Units, or BTUs, are how much energy is needed to raise a pound of water by one on the sea.

You probably don’t have to be aware of the definition in the same way as it applies to selecting the right fire pit.

In order to make things as easy as possible, a unit with a higher BTU rating is generally capable of producing more heat than units that have a lower rating.

However that the actual output of heat from these pits would depend on the way the propane lines are constructed and the size of the pit however if you’re seeking the most powerful model choose one that boasts a higher BTU rating.

Propane Tank Size

Propane Tank Size

A few of these fire pits are built to work with various dimensions of propane tanks. The most popular sizes are the one-gallon and five-gallon bottles and vice versa.

If the pit you pick has the correct hose adapters you may be able to make use of both tank sizes to interchange.

There are some pros as well as cons for these two standard sizes for fire pits made of propane.

Although you’ll have to fill or change the tank’s capacity of five gallons more frequently, it will require more storage space under your RV, and it’ll weigh more to move while you’re making your pit.

However, the one-gallon tank isn’t going to last for long and you’ll likely have multiple tanks in your inventory so that you’ll always have a spare ready.

They are lighter and can be stored in a tiny space beneath your RV.

In the end, you’ll need to decide if increasing storage space and reducing setup time is more important or less to you than reducing the frequency you’ll need to replenish or change your propane tank.


Although there are not a lot of options to consider when it comes to fire pits, there are some features that will help you get your work done.

The other is an automated igniter that uses a push button or turn-and-click operation. This means you don’t have to carry matches or a lighter stick on the side to light your fire pit.

Another thing we’d recommend is a propane-powered hose that’s at a minimum of 8 feet long.

In the event that it doesn’t your propane tank could get in the way of the seating area when it is connected to the fire pit.

The final important thing we’d like to highlight is the regulator which is attached to the propane tank.

The purpose of this regulator is to regulate the quantity of propane flowing through the tank, through the hose, and then into the propane lines inside the pit.

When the regulator has become defective it could let too much propane be pumped through the hose and cause unnecessary stress to connect the pit and the hose itself.

The only way to get reliable information about the design and security of the regulators these pits are equipped with is to go through reviews from users.

However, we strongly suggest taking this step to ensure that you choose an area that will stay safe.


While this option might not be on your top list of priorities, we believe it’s important to appreciate the appearance and feel the fire pit has.

Since you’re likely to be looking at it, and entertaining guests with it, you’re probably not going to need to splash out cash on an ugly fire pit.

A few of our most loved designs have a copper finish that shimmers a bit when heated up.

A different and stylish feature that we like shape cut-outs that are shaped on both sides which creates a unique appearance.


The fire pits listed here are not one of the priciest RV accessories you can buy. However, a lot of them come at three-digit prices.

The most affordable models can be purchased for under $100, however other models are priced well over $250.

We believe that we believe you’ll be able to get a sturdy, long-lasting fire ring that costs between $125 to $200.

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So, Which Is Best For You?

If you’re on an extremely tight budget, but would like to invest in the most portable fire pit and you’re looking for the best portable fire pit, it’s going to be difficult to surpass Outland Firebowl 870 propane fire pit.

The propane fire pit is a fantastic value and has been checked by an independent third party to ensure that it’s safe for use in most campfire prohibitions.

If you’re interested in getting the smallest fire pit that you can we suggest checking out Camco’s Campco portable propane Little Red Campfire.

Despite its small dimensions, this pit generates lots of heat. It’s ideal for smaller camper vans or sliding-in trucks.

Highest BTU Portable Propane Fire Pit FAQs

What is the highest BTU propane fire pit?

This Outland Firebowl 893 gas fire pit is the most powerful fire pit available in this article because of its rating for the heat capacity of 58000 BTU which is a lot superior to other alternatives that are available.

Which fire pits give off the most heat?

The most effective fire pits to provide heating include fireplaces that are wood burning which is constructed at a low level on the ground and with openings in the sides. Wood burns more intensely than gas so it is the best option for those looking for an energy source.

Is 50000 BTU warm for a fire pit?

The heat generated by fuel is usually expressed by BTUs (British Thermal Units). The higher the BTUs that are used, the more heat is released and the greater space it warms. In general, 30,000 BTUs can provide warmth to a distance between 5 and 8 feet. 10,000 BTUs approximately 8 to 10 feet and the list goes on.

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