How to Change Water in Aerogarden, Maintenance Tips

How to Change Water in Aerogarden - The Best Tips 2022 Aerogarden

How to change water in AeroGarden? If you have your own AeroGarden, cleaning it is among the things you must know. It doesn’t matter if it’s following the harvest or in the middle of a crop, AeroGarden cleaning is necessary.

Because you are taking care of living plants, like cherry tomatoes, herbs, Thai basil, Genovese basil, and others. There always exists some pathogens and bacteria which require cleaning and sanitizing.

Cleaning your AeroGarden clean, you remove or limit the chance of harmful bacteria infecting the existing or newly planted plants. Regularly cleaning your AeroGarden’s surfaces ensures your plants are healthy and flourish which is a great aspect for you.

In this article, we will go over the various methods of AeroGarden cleaning and the needs for the procedure.

We’d like to show how you can keep well-groomed plants that are free from harmful pathogens and bacteria.

But, let’s first make a step back in order to comprehend how an AeroGarden operates.

What is An AeroGarden?

How to Change Water in Aerogarden, Maintenance Tips

AeroGarden is AeroGarden is a safe, dust-free inside water-based garden easy to set up and can be put in any location. The indoor gardens allow you to grow stunning plants indoors all through the year.

It lets you cultivate nearly any plant you want without dirt, weeds, or even previous farming knowledge.

With an AeroGarden the success of your venture is virtually guaranteed. The garden can make everything about farming an enjoyable experience. They inform you when it’s time to water your plants and also when you’re required to boost the nutrients.

Furthermore, it turns off and on the grow lights, which simulate the sun.

They ensure an optimal growth rate for plants by providing the proper amount of essential growth needs like sunlight, water, and nutrients.

How Does An AeroGarden Works?

But how AeroGarden work? Contrary to the beliefs of the majority of people contrary to what they believe, the AeroGarden is incredibly simple to set up. It works by the creation of the optimal conditions to encourage the growth of plants and a self-sustaining aquaponic system that performs very well in indoor environments.

There are many types of AeroGardens. Each kind is designed to allow the growing plants that are different in size. This is why it’s essential to do your research and choose the best AeroGarden to meet your requirements.

The greatest benefit of these gardens is the fact that they make use of advanced technology for hydroponics, which permits the plants to increase their growth five times faster than they would under normal conditions.

Although every model is unique, however, each of the AeroGardens shares common components which allow them to achieve these kinds of results.

AeroGarden Maintenance

For maintenance, The AeroGarden is really simple to maintain. I don’t water it much. I make sure to check the water level daily, however to date, I’ve been filling the water approximately once per week. Although the AeroGarden will alert you when the water level is running low, it’s recommended to ensure the reservoir is always filled.

It will definitely require less water than plants in soil and it’s much easier to know when you need to water the plants. I fertilize it as scheduled every two weeks, using the fertilizer supplied in my system. I am notified via a fertilizer notification light every 2 weeks. All I need to do is add 2 capfuls of fertilizer into the reservoir, then finish it off with the water. It’s that simple.

It is suggested to clean the water at least once per month prior to fertilizing to ensure the system runs efficiently. It was also a simple procedure, though it was a bit messy (make sure you have plenty of paper towels). I’ll give you an instructional video because I was a bit unclear on how to flush out the water on my own.


  • AeroGarden Harvest
  • Medium Sized Bucket
  • Paper Towels
  • Fertilizer


  1. Adjust the lighting to the highest setting.
  2. The middle of the system from where the seed pods are. Put them on the top of an empty bucket.
  3. Remove the reservoir of water and empty the water into a sink. Clean the interior in cool, filtered water.
  4. Check your system and make sure you clean any stains or sediments.
  5. Retain the water reservoir at its base, and place the top of the reservoir and the seeds in the reservoir.
  6. Fill the reservoir with water until near the waterline. Sprinkle in fertilizer and finish with water.

Be sure to do it quickly. The water pump runs for 5 minutes every 25 minutes. It’s ideal to begin cleaning the area immediately after the pump shuts off. It is important to get everything done before the pump kicks off again. I made a mess when I tried transferring the fertilizer from the top of the bucket to the bucket, and then caused a bit of a mess with the fertilizer.

I would suggest keeping towels available in case you make a messy attempt as I did. It’s really easy but it was interesting to observe all the root growth that my plants have grown on. One of the most amazing aspects of hydroponics is being capable of seeing all the roots. It’s amazing to me the fact that my plants have grown the size and growth they’ve seen within such an incredibly short period of time.

Cleaning Your Aero Garden

Cleaning Your Aero Garden

When To Clean AeroGarden

Clean every year your Aero Garden unit to keep roots and other debris from clogging the water pump. This will also prevent pathogens from causing harm to your salad greens, fresh herbs vegetables, or flowers. It is also important to keep your garden clean between plantings.

How To Clean AeroGarden

For cleaning your AeroGarden take down the grow deck and place the water bowl into the dishwasher to be cleaned. If you do not have a dishwasher, follow the steps below to wash your indoor garden:

  • Clean the water from the bowl
  • Incorporate new water into the fill line
  • Add 14 cups of chlorine bleach (5 cups of white distilled vinegar is also a good idea!)
  • Switch on the AeroGarden off, so that the Pump circulates water.
  • Take out the mix and empty it into the sink
  • Rinse the water bowl

How To Change AeroGarden Water

It is recommended to ensure that the water is at the fill line at all times, adding the nutrient solution every two weeks, and then replacing all the water within the system at least once a month.

For water replacement or to refill it, you can make use of a rinse and refill siphon or simply remove the grow deck and pour the water into the drain of a sink. After draining the water, wash and disinfect your AeroGarden using bleach, and white vinegar, or mix with the Hydroponic Cleanser No Rinse in the sink.

Remember: Nutrient change is the important thing, like a water change.

Step-By-Step Guide to The Cleaning Process

Step-By-Step Guide to The Cleaning Process

Now that you’ve got everything you need for this process, let’s begin to look at how you can begin this cleaning process.

But, you should ensure that you go through the instruction manual along with the components information before you take it apart from the AeroGarden.

What are the steps to clean your Aerogarden?

1. Unplug The AeroGarden

Before you begin cleaning your AeroGarden the first thing you need to take is to disconnect it from power sources.

Then, place the AeroGarden next to your large plastic container that will be used for cleaning.

2. Dismantle Your AeroGarden

Once you have disconnected your AeroGarden The second step would be to take it apart or cut it into smaller pieces. Make sure you’ve properly removed the light hood from the garden. After that, disconnect your AeroGarden bowl and base and ensure that they are prepared to clean.

Then, make sure that you’ve disconnected any other component that must be separated from the AeroGarden.

3. Use of Bleach Or Vinegar Bath

Utilizing your large plastic container, create the solution with bleach or vinegar. To make this happen begin by filling the container with about 1 gallon of warm water. In the event that you are using bleach, you should take one cup of bleach. Mix it into the warm water to create an emulsion.

If you decide to make use of vinegar, take a cup or two of the same mixture and mix it into your warm water. This is the solution you’ll make use of to soak your broken components.

Utilize your hands or a small piece of a wooden spoon to mix the mixture. This is an effective solution that will reach all corners of your AeroGarden components.

Place the pieces into the solution to be soaked for a time between 20 and 30 minutes. The solution will kill any pathogen or bacteria in the solution.

Be sure to choose a container sufficient in size so that you can fully submerge your components completely. The dimensions of your container will be determined by the dimensions of your AeroGarden components.

4. Sanitization of the Bowl

Sanitization of the Bowl AeroGarden

The bowl in the AeroGarden is required to be cleaned in order to make sure that there are no bacterial remains. Sanitizing is required because of the continuously flowing water. The water is usually pumped through motors or other equipment for the purpose of creating your hydroponic gardens.

As a result, mold or bacteria could form on the interior of the base of your AeroGarden. To remove this up, first, you have to remove all the water that is within the bowl. Then, fill the bowl up to 3/4 full by mixing warm water with 1/2 cup bleach or white vinegar.

Turn on the motor, allowing it to work for about five minutes before you switch it off. It is important to ensure that you flush all of the solutions from the base, and clean it off with fresh water for a short period of time.

Then, make sure you clean the entire bowl prior to you add the distilled water to your already-established seedlings or plants.

5. Wipe Down

The fifth step in the process of cleaning is washing down any different surfaces in the AeroGarden which aren’t immersed in the solution. This can be done using the soft towels mentioned earlier. These will be soaked immerse in your solution and then wipe on the surfaces.

In the case of the light’s hood, you have to be extra cautious as the glass used in the production of the LED lights is fragile and could easily break.

Then, allow these surfaces ample time to dry prior to reconnecting them.

6. Clean The Pump Filter


This is the method to scrub your AeroGarden Pump Filter. The first step is to remove it from the stand, and then scrub it with a brush. This helps remove the roots.

After you have scrubbed clean the filter of the pump, and use aqueous towels or sponges to clean the stand of the pump. Make sure you get rid of all of the roots present with the brush.

7. Removing Parts From Your Bleach Or Vinegar Solution

Because, when you’re doing the other tasks all the other pieces remain in the bleach solution or vinegar I’d say the time is now 20 or 30 minutes. So, now you can safely remove these submerged pieces of the solution.

After you’ve removed the pieces in the solutions, time to do your AeroGarden cleaning. It is important to place each piece of equipment in clean water to make sure that you wash away all bleach or vinegar. When doing this, you should be sure to put a stopper inside your sink so the tiny parts aren’t cleaned away by water.

When you’re done with the process after that, you can place the parts on the towel and allow drying.

To make sure that all parts are dry prior to joining them, clean them with a towel or dry one.

8. AeroGarden Reassembling

AeroGarden Reassembling

Once you’ve confirmed that the components are dry, sanitized, and clean, you are able to begin to assemble your AeroGarden. It is important to follow the instructions in your manual to quickly and correctly assemble your AeroGarden.

Once you’ve put all of the parts back in their proper position, you’re now in a position to plant new seeds or plants. If you already have existing plants, they can be healthy and robust. Reconnect the machine and then start the motors.

If everything has been done properly and everything is in order, your AeroGarden should be operating normally and be in good shape to start.

If it doesn’t start check that all components are properly connected and securely connected and then restart.

How Often to Clean An AeroGarden

How Often to Clean An AeroGarden

When it comes to the frequency you should wash your AeroGarden The timeframes will vary. But there is one thing you can be sure of that you must wash it at least once every time you plan to plant seedlings, or you had tomato plant, as well as after harvest. Additionally, you must regularly clean your exterior surfaces even prior to harvest.

For the majority of people, apply their AeroGarden wash and refills after harvest, or when planting or replanting.

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Conclusion On AeroGarden Cleaning

As we’ve learned in the past, it is crucial for you to ensure that your AeroGarden is clear of harmful pathogens and bacteria. To that end, this article on AeroGarden cleaning will provide you with all the information you need to help make the process joy.

Even though the AeroGardens don’t have soil or are filthy, it does not mean that they are free of dirt. Don’t be fooled, ensure that it is as clean as you can by following these steps.

What are your experiences with AeroGardens and how do you keep them clean? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

How To Change Water in Aerogarden FAQs

How do you drain the water from an AeroGarden?

Each month, when the light for nutrients comes to life, use our especially large siphon to take out everything that nutrient solutions that are in AeroGarden. AeroGarden in the kitchen sink, or into a bucket ( look at the picture below). Add nutrients and water like usual, then hit on the button to reset. That’s it!

How long does water last in AeroGarden?

We recommend draining the bowl of water and filling it up with clean liquid and water. Plant food every four to six weeks to ensure that your plants are well-nourished.

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