What Are The Top 8 Backpack Blower Storage?

TOP-8 The Best Backpack Blower Storage Reviews 2022 Reviews

Check out our best 8 backpack blower storage ideas. The autumn season usually produces many leaves on our streets and in our yards. It’s almost every day that we must remove the leaves. It is initially thought that a broom can do the job but as time passes the need for it increases and it becomes difficult to get them cleaned by hand. This is when leaf blowers come into the scene.

Backpack leaf blowers are one of the most widely utilized tools to accomplish this. But, storing it is always an issue since we often to be short of backpack blower storage ideas.

We have looked up some tips and tricks that will assist you with storing your prized leaf blower. These backpack blower storage ideas may not be the most innovative however they are valuable and essential. So, without further delay let’s begin by examining the techniques.

Backpack Blower Storage Ideas – Top 8 List With Rationale

If you’ve been having a difficult finding the perfect spot to store your backpack blower, check out our top 8 recommendations below. The list ranges from easy storage tricks to exciting DIY projects, there’s a storage solution to suit every taste and budget! With the end of autumn and winter’s colder days beginning to arrive it’s the perfect time to think about storing your leaf blower so that it’s in good condition for the next autumn!

1 – Workbench Storage

TOP-8 The Best Backpack Blower Storage Reviews 2022

If you love DIY projects, this awesome do-it-yourself moveable workbench can be a great addition to your garage or shed. If you do a lot of handiwork, this workbench can be a great place to get at-home projects done. However, workbenches like the one above can also be a good storage place! Leaving your leafblower on the ground is never a good idea. If someone steps or trips on your leafblower, it may cause injury to them, damage to the leaf blower, or both. Keeping your leafblower elevated is one way to keep your family and your blower safe.

2 – Garage Wall Shelving

Garage Wall Shelving

Another great DIY project, this do-it-yourself garage wall shelving is a great place to store not only your backpack blower but also all of your other tools and small items! This extensive shelving unit will help you stay organized. Never lose a tiny can of paint or packet of nails again! The large opening in the middle is a great place to store large equipment like a backpack blower. Because this is a DIY project, it’s easy to create a perfectly sized section for your blower!

3 – Simple Hooks

Simple Hooks

If you are looking for the simplest of storage solutions, look no further! The author of Ask Away’s blog reviewed the hooks above and loved using them to store leaf blowers and other bulky outdoor equipment. These hooks are very easy to install and require zero handiwork experience. If your garage or shed is otherwise well organized and you simply need a place to store your leaf blower, hanging it on hooks like the ones shown above can ensure safe storage for your blower.

4 – Ceiling Rack

Ceiling Rack

Want to get your leafblower off the ground, but don’t have room on your shelves or walls? Made from repurposed bicycle pulley lifts, this DIY ceiling rack. Worried about getting your blower down? The creator of this ingenious ceiling rack has a solution for that too! User Razorhog writes: “To get it down you just pull on the rope and let it slowly come down. It has a locking mechanism that when you let go of the rope and there is weight, it stops the rope from moving.” This rack is the perfect storage solution for tighter spaces or for those who don’t use their blower very often and want it out of their regular storage space!

5 – Overhead Storage Racks

Overhead Storage Racks

Another take on extensive garage wall shelving, these overhead storage racks are the perfect storage solution if you want to refresh and organize your entire garage! The shelves above are the perfect place to keep storage boxes, seasonal decor, and other various large items. The overhead racks provide lots of space for bicycles, shovels, and you guessed it – backpack blowers! This storage rack is an awesome way to declutter your garage and keep your backpack leaf blower safe and secure.

6 – Backpack Blower Premade Rack

Backpack Blower Premade Rack

If you prefer purchasing over do-it-yourself projects, this Landscaping Multi-Tool Open Storage Rack by Pack’em Racks may be the perfect storage solution for your backpack blower! The open storage rack is sleek and simple, and can easily store your blower. It allows for ground-level access to your blower so you won’t have to worry about too much heavy lifting!

7- Simple Wall Rack

Simple Wall Rack

This wall racks a pre-made rack that allows you to install it on any wall of your choice. It allows for very compact storage, as this rack was made for a trailer! If you like DIY but don’t have the know-how to do it all from scratch, this is a great way to get the best of both worlds. You won’t have to worry about purchasing the right materials – it’s all there for you. However, you still have the opportunity to set it up and install it wherever you feel is best.

8 – Simple Corner Cubby

Simple Corner Cubby

This ultra-simple DIY corner cubby is a great place to store some of your large outdoor equipment, including your backpack blower! Keep your lawnmower underneath and place your blower on the top shelf – your garage just got so much more organized! Backpack blower storage does not have to be complicated. If you prefer a simpler solution, this cubby shelf may be right for you. Its simple design means even the inexperienced handyman can build it, and it will be ready to use in no time.

Leaf Blower Storage: Engine Care

The majority of blowers come with a two-cycle motor as with any motor is prone to clogging when left unattended for long periods. The issue with weed eaters, leaf blowers, and mowers is they are only used during the season. That means you have to place your machines in long-term storage so that they can start smoothly when the time is right.

The most commonly recommended option for a two-cycle leaf blower motor is to utilize an approved pre-mixed fuel that has been tested to last a couple of times you’ll use it in the course of the season. Contrary to the fuel that you mix by yourself specifically designed for use, these fuels are formulated with additives that prevent the carburetor’s engine from gumming. Although they are slightly costly, they will save you lots of time and stress in the process. We recommend the Stihl Motomix formula.

Another alternative is to simply remove every ounce of fuel out of your machine before storage. If you have a leaf blower this is relatively simple to accomplish. You continue to blow until the motor is exhausted. But, this method does not work as well using chainsaws and various other cutting tools.

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Backpack Blower Storage Summing Up

To conclude There are some basic tips to keep in mind. The first is to store the leaf blower in an upright position to stop fuel from leakage or contaminating the machine. There are a variety of methods to accomplish this, and it is contingent on the space available in your garage. Also, ensure that you take good care of your motor before placing it in your bag leaf blower into long-term storage.

The most straightforward alternative is to run the motor completely dry however, you could leave the machine with fuel that is certified and pre-mixed inside, like Stihl’s Metromix. If you intend to use it to store the machine for more than 12 months we suggest that you run it completely dry.

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